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Saturday, November 18, 2006

work can wait

me jeff and corey woke up at 9am to go skate. we had breakfast and shiz and left by quarter to 10

jeff hasn't skated in years

there was traffic, but we had the car-pool lane to ourselves almost

went to Santa Ana skatepark, was well rad

corey got gggnarly. he does whenever he skates, which is about once every couple of months

jeff got an ollie down the 2block with a mad surf-style roll away. (blame corey for the bad composition of the photo)

i got hot and sweaty. and that's about it

then i went to skate with max, mike and brian at the San Peeeedro park. for anyone who cares that's the concrete park where daewon filmed loads of his Almost and Skate More parts

we mostly just skated the tight-tranny-vert-wall thingy on the outside, cos it was fooking rad

oh, and sat in the pissy corner

and did frontside carves cos they're rad

Saturday, November 11, 2006

sho get's down

we went to LA today. elaine was on a photo mission

went to Amoeba music first, but i was too busy buying CDs to take any photos.

then we went FatBurger, cos it's got a cool name. i went to Falaffel King instead tho, cos burgers are for fat people and i'm not fat... yet
here's matt with the only thing left by his trail of eating destruction

katy tried the rasberry iced-tea i got. she wasn't into it. but what does she know

sho's shoes are a wreck. well one of them is, which makes it look like he skates (goofy-footed obviously)

unfortunately he doesn't. i reckon he'd be good to, any board would be scared into submission by his dinosaur like qualities

we went to some arcade and played air-hocky. it got pretty intense

then we hit diddy rease for ice-cream+cookie sandwiches

i got well beast on that shiz as you would expect

mini-milk cartens. what next?

oh right, Jews for Jesus. that's what

we hit up a random's party

elaine threw down, camera in hand

sho showed us how things are done in Japan

then YoungHo got a bit street, so we had to leave before he popped-a-cap or summet

Friday, November 10, 2006

Suffer the Joy

max was there

dave was there

jamie thomas was there

there was almost a riot outside the theater, some windows were smashed and the front door was ripped of its hinges. riot police came and started throwing people from the crowd out onto the street. there are no photos cos i spent my whole time trying to make sure i wasn't on the edge of the crowd getting picked off by the police.

eventually i made it in

you could here people trying to break in the whole way through the video. then when we got outside, police had closed off the whole block. i have actually never seen soo many police in one place in my life. there were even more than the time i was cought in the middle of a riot at a football match.

we went back to johnny's house for nachos and beer. doug was already on the case by the time i arrived

johnny has about a hundred copies of next years Skateboarder Magazine calender scattered around his house. i guess having a calender sponsor is kinda important these days

mullet is the safest guy ever. he may never be on the front cover of a calender, but he got me into the premier, got me to the party, and even gave me a ride home on the handlebars of his bike.

johnny's just had surgery on his ankle. apparently there were splinters of bone the size of teeth floating around in there

if you haven't heard of Nick Trepasso yet then be prepared for a shock. he had pretty much the best part in the whole video

johnny went to show him some team spirit with the high-five and got 'left hanging'

the bike ride home was rad. everyone was too wasted to ride straight. then some guys threw pennies at us because we burned past them while they were waiting at some traffic lights. it was rad

these scare-crowe people were pretty scary, and i'm not even a crowe

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Santa Barbara weekend

we drove to Santa Barabara cos it's pretty much the craziest place in the world at Halloween time. there was mad traffic all the way there though

it was cool though, cos it gave me the chance to practice my arty-photo skills

more importantly, it gave me lots of time to look at my new shoes

we stopped at Jack In The Box cos there was nowhere else to eat, except McDonalds. of the two, i guess the Jack In The Box guy is slightly less creepy than Ronald McDonald.but not by much

a medium drink is bigger than Jeff's head

i ate a burger cos there was nothing else to eat. it made me feel so rough from the next morning onwards that i've eaten pretty much nothing but cereal since. not that that's any different from usual

there was a car turned on its side in the middle of the freeway. i took a photo. i have no sense of decency i guess. i'm just pissed there were no dead bodies

everybody got dressed up in the back seat of the car

we saw pretty much the best costumes the moment we arrived. after Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team it was all down hill

some guys were just finishing their 'Snakes on a Plane' costume. i never got to see the complete version. they probably just got pissed and went naked like everyone else

scooby-doo was there

and some crazy devil-horse guy on stilts

apparently the nudists were on strike that weekend. they could have fooled me

Jeff's friend Andrew was nice enough to let me stay over at his place for two nights. i even got a bed for the second night. here's his door number. it's almost halloweenish

random carnage

i had time to take down some indian food before the meat hang-over from my burger kicked in

K-Mart was the only place around that was still selling costumes. this was the best we could get

a few alterations were necessary

some cocaine went down

who needs E when you've got S??? i dunno if it'll catch on tho, Santa Barbara does love its drugs

and i love my skittles

will's costume was purple. not just purple like you could describe something as purple. it was purple as a state of mind. i dunno if i'm cool enough to comprehend it properly. maybe it's cos i don't really know what i am. all i know is i'm somewhere between turquise and and aqua... but not teal, i'm definately not teal

i feel like this blog is basically becoming a poor man's version of spt's. but i can't help it, the only caption i could think of when i found this photo was one sam used a while ago i think... but it's perfect
dem is bad menz

Batman pumpkin

we went to some party in a garage at some point in the evening. i was on a sugar high so i can't remember

i just knew it was a time warp back to the 60s, or 70s, or maybe 80s. i dunno


some dude in a daiper. i mean... some guy in a nappie

late-night myspace sesh

some dog with fairy wings

random california coastline photos