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Saturday, November 18, 2006

work can wait

me jeff and corey woke up at 9am to go skate. we had breakfast and shiz and left by quarter to 10

jeff hasn't skated in years

there was traffic, but we had the car-pool lane to ourselves almost

went to Santa Ana skatepark, was well rad

corey got gggnarly. he does whenever he skates, which is about once every couple of months

jeff got an ollie down the 2block with a mad surf-style roll away. (blame corey for the bad composition of the photo)

i got hot and sweaty. and that's about it

then i went to skate with max, mike and brian at the San Peeeedro park. for anyone who cares that's the concrete park where daewon filmed loads of his Almost and Skate More parts

we mostly just skated the tight-tranny-vert-wall thingy on the outside, cos it was fooking rad

oh, and sat in the pissy corner

and did frontside carves cos they're rad


Blogger SptStyle said...

sick...you should have blunt fakied that thing

11:46 AM  

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